My passions (or hobbies) would have to include working on my computer. Ranging from learning and researching things like physics and math, to possessing free time and watching videos, there could never pass a day you couldn’t find something interesting. Playing video games, too, I can describe as a hobby. However, playing games–completing levels, defeating bosses, earning achievements, cooperating with random strangers over the internet– isn’t the only thing about video games that I enjoy. Being able to see all the steps required to develop a game, write its story, draw its characters and maps, and market it to millions of people is also interesting. A third ‘passion’ of mine is collecting coins; it can be very fun, it can be profitable, and you can learn history if you continue to study various coins. Besides, some coins are very, very beautiful.

Anyways, I don’t know if we were required to write anything else for this second blog of ours, so this is all I’ll say for now.