1. What tasks have you completed recently?
2. What have you learned recently?
3. What are you planning on doing next?

1. Recently, I have helped multiple people with math work/homework, I calculated the thickness of a piece of aluminum foil, and I cooked some delicious steak. I also recently won a game of chess against the leader of my school’s chess club.

2. I have recently learned how to determine the number of significant digits an piece of numerical data has. I also learned about the economic growth of America during the 1920s, and I learned how to calculate the force of friction on two surfaces and the force required to surpass it and start moving .

3. I plan on not having homework this weekend, on watching some television, and on playing some video games. I know my family is also planning to go up to a lake for some fishing and such sometime soon, which we haven’t done since about July.