“What have you really learned about it?  What surprised you?  What seems ‘common sense’?”

The concept of the mole and Avogadro’s Number isn’t really new to me and I’ve known about it since the 8th grade, except I haven’t ever had to use it in any class before this current Chemistry class of mine. I think the one major thing I’ve learned about it in this class is that it is used to “standardize” the amounts of the particular elements and/or compounds you have, and so you can use it to determine empirical and molecular formulas of compounds.

One thing that I guess surprised me, although only ever so slightly, is how easy it is to use and work with once you know what you’re doing. It also seems like a versatile concept that can be used in many ways and in many situations to calculate many different things in a chemical composition.

One thing that I think is obvious or ‘common sense’ is that atoms are too small to work with individually. Therefore, it was only natural for the concept of the mole and its companion Avogadro’s Number to be created to make uncountable amounts of atoms easy to work with.

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