1. What tasks have you completed recently?
2. What have you learned recently?
3. What are you planning on doing next?

1. I recently helped assemble an elliptical machine that took about an hour and a half to set up, completed three lab projects in my Chemistry class including one that dealt with flames and crucibles, and I beat my friend in chess again after he accidentally “gave up” has queen.

2. I recently learned about the very large number of programs that were started in the 1930s to help alleviate the Great Depression in America and I learned how the concept of the mole is used in chemistry. I also learned how to find the gravitational acceleration of an object orbiting the Earth (or really, any other planet or object) if you know the radius of the Earth and the object’s height above the Earth, and I learned a tiny portion of Relativity in my Physics class, and how traveling near the speed of light messes thing up; for example, one year for you on a rocket at 96% the speed of light ages you one year, but would age a twin of yours by 3.6 years.

3. I plan on having some free time this weekend, I foresee not being able to watch some simple cartoons like how I wanted to, and I plan on completing an “extra credit” Glog about “Mole Day”. I also plan on helping some family members dig up some small trees and replanting them somewhere else, being able to read some math and/or geometry books during my free time next week during my school’s period of compulsory testing, and being able to also enjoy Spring Break the week after that.