1. What tasks have you completed recently?
2. What have you learned recently?
3. What are you planning on doing next?

1. I helped clean up some of the nearly countless dead weeds growing in our backyard, I almost 100% completed a video game that I have been playing for about 8 months now, I started building a large library on the game Minecraft which will almost certainly take months to complete, and I otherwise enjoyed my spring break. I also recently read some of a newly refurbished, 38 year-old calculus book, and a geometry book I got from my school’s library two weeks ago, and I’ve helped out at least two people with some kind of homework.

2. I recently learned some facts about ellipses and other geometrical figures, I learned that a square is the rectangle with the largest area for a given perimeter, and I learned many other small and insignificant facts that are too numerous to mention here. For example, one gram of the “activated” carbon that is used in many water filters can have a total surface area greater than 500 m2.

3. I plan on spending the last two days of my spring break reading, watching cartoons, and being outside. I also plan, on Monday, on asking three of my teachers how the report card I was recently sent could show me having a total of nine absences, especially since I haven’t yet missed a single day or period of class this entire year.