1. What tasks have you completed recently?
2. What have you learned recently?
3. What are you planning on doing next?

1. I recently finished mapping out the classes that I will be taking next year, I 100%-completed the video game which I have been playing almost exclusively for the past ¾ of a year, and I (hopefully) found the area of this type of shape ( a semicircle with two semicircles in it, with half the first circle’s radius, repeated forever),

My picture

My drawing,

where the areas of all the black semicircles are subtracted from the areas of the blue semicircles; it should be (2π*r2) ÷ 5, where r is the radius of the largest circle. For example, if the radius of the largest circle was 7 inches, the area should be 98π/5 in.2, or about 61.575 in.2

2. I learned about World War II in my History class and how terrible it was, especially the invention of the atomic bomb, which is credited with ending the War. I also learned about limiting reactants in my Chemistry class, along with how to use them to calculate other information. In my Physics class, I learned more about angular/circular motion, how fast a satellite must travel to stay in orbit around the Earth if its height above the Earth is known, how to calculate how long it takes for that satellite to complete one orbit, and we translated the kinematic equations for straight travels into angular kinematic equations for angular travels.

3. I plan on playing some other video games, reading some of the huge stack of National Geographic magazines I was recently given, and I plan on trying to prepare for a small chess competition that will probably (not) be held here soon.