1. What tasks have you completed recently?
2. What have you learned recently?
3. What are you planning on doing next?

1. I beat my friend at a game of chess, during the last three minutes of our lunch break, in the first eight moves of the game, after having paused our game about three weeks ago. I also created a container for the egg drop project that our Physics teacher assigned to us, which worked until it tipped over at the last second and broke, meaning that the egg didn’t break due to the shock of falling, but of tipping over afterwards, so the design itself was successful.

2. In my chemistry class, I learned about the various types of chemical reactions, how the products of those reactions can be predicted, and how to balance reduction-oxidation reactions.  We also finished learning about the time period of the Cold War and its nearly rampant spread of Communism in my history class, along with the Space Race that came after it. In my physics class, we learned about this energy this week; kinetic and potential energy, elastic energy, the Law of Conservation of Energy, and how it can be used (like finding out how far a spring of a known “stiffness” was compressed based on how far it shot a 1 kg ball out of a 2 meter long barrel at a 45° incline).

3. On Monday, I plan on finishing the chemistry lab we had today, which involved making a specific amount of a certain concentration of the super-dangerous and super-corrosive chemical sodium hydroxide (lye). I also plan on learning more about heat energy in my physics class next week, and I also plan on going out later tonight for dinner somewhere, for my birthday today.