1. What tasks have you completed recently?
2. What have you learned recently?
3. What are you planning on doing next?

1. I recently completed two mandatory end-of-course exams—-one for history and one for chemistry. I also helped plant a small apple tree and an infant grape plant, read three 300+ page books in the past month, cooked some delicious steak, swept up glass from a broken window, and committed mass-murder upon a colony of tiny, red ants. I also won two certificates from my school’s “underclassmen awards ceremony” earlier this week—-one for English and one for Physics.

2. Recently, I have spent time learning about civil rights in my history class; we learned about gases, gas laws, and how they can be used, in our chemistry class; and in my physics class, I learned about heat and heat-energy: latent heats of fusion and vaporization; how to find the energy required to melt/freeze or boil/condense a substance; how to find the energy required to change a substance’s temperature if given a mass, the change in temperature, and the substance’s specific heat capacity; and how to find a specific heat capacity using calorimetry, etc. More recently, I learned about black holes, wave motion and how to find the velocity of a wave if given its frequency and wavelength, and the electromagnetic spectrum (gamma rays, x-rays, visible light, infrared rays, radio, etc.).

3. I plan on cooking some breakfast on Mother’s Day, reading some more 300+ page books, and being almost overwhelmingly busy as the school year comes to an end and last-minute stuff must still be taught. I also plan on taking multiple final exams, celebrating one of my brother’s birthdays in two weeks, and going to a park sometime soon.

Since the Friday two weeks from now, May 23rd, would be the next scheduled “weekly update” for this chemistry class, yet school also ends for us that day, chances are this will be our  last “weekly update” for this class, though that isn’t certain. But if it is, I’ll go ahead and show how much progress I’ve made on that “Library” I talked about in a blog months ago near the start of this class:

My picture

My picture

My picture

Another picture of mine. I told you it would take months; the entire building is 112 x 182 blocks, and if each block is 1m3, then the total area is 20,384m2; and if you take into account the two blocks on each of the four sides that make up walls, then there are 19,800m2 of floorspace.

I don’t plan on finishing soon.